Awarded Photos

Photo of the month was taken by Alf Skoglund and shows a split image of perch fishing in a mountain lake. A unanimous and almost feathered jury was in no doubt that this was an incredible piece of nature photography.” – Fotojakta
Awarded Gold and Photo of the month in Fotojakta 07/2019

“This is a real double-wing helicopter, with a face that is indescribably beautiful and colored as an exquisite art painting made by the best! An impressive piece of engineering combined with crafts! They are more beautiful than any other insect I’ve seen!” – Alf Skoglund
Awarded Gold in Fotojakta 10/2019

“The drama of this meeting did not deny. Two such colossians who rise against each other take aim and after a short time just fall down and pretend that nothing had happened. These are equal, both of which release the food at the same time. That’s not the case at all.” – Alf Skoglund
Awarded Gold in Fotojakta 08/2018

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