Alf Skoglund is a highly regarded and meritorious nature photographer who is known for his flair for details, indomitable courage and patience to capture nature’s moments in the picture.

The photographer stays in the wild a lot throughout the year, and he uses photo arches and photo tents to get as close to animals and birds as possible. He participates in photo competitions both in Norway and abroad, and has gradually received many of his photos highly prized.

His wife, Ann Elisabeth, is a photo assistant and marketing manager. She and the family’s Gordon Setters participate actively when taking underwater and split photos.

Together they run Sollidgården Naturfoto that strives to present Arctic nature through stunning photos.

All photos are taken by Alf Skoglund in the Northern parts of Norway, beyond the Arctic Circle, in the land of Aurora Borealis and the Midnight Sun.

All photos are unmanipulated in terms of significant impacts of the photo/objects.